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Sakura Rice Cooker with Ceramic Bowl and Advanced Fuzzy Logic (8 Cup, 1.5 Litre)

Sakura Rice Cooker with Ceramic Bowl and Advanced Fuzzy Logic (8 Cup, 1.5 Litre)
Sakura Rice Cooker with Ceramic Bowl and Advanced Fuzzy Logic (8 Cup, 1.5 Litre)
Sakura Rice Cooker with Ceramic Bowl and Advanced Fuzzy Logic (8 Cup, 1.5 Litre)
Sakura Rice Cooker with Ceramic Bowl and Advanced Fuzzy Logic (8 Cup, 1.5 Litre)
Sakura Rice Cooker with Ceramic Bowl and Advanced Fuzzy Logic (8 Cup, 1.5 Litre)
Sakura Rice Cooker with Ceramic Bowl and Advanced Fuzzy Logic (8 Cup, 1.5 Litre)
Sakura Rice Cooker with Ceramic Bowl and Advanced Fuzzy Logic (8 Cup, 1.5 Litre)
Sakura Rice Cooker with Ceramic Bowl and Advanced Fuzzy Logic (8 Cup, 1.5 Litre)

Sakura Rice Cooker with Ceramic Bowl and Advanced Fuzzy Logic (8 Cup, 1.5 Litre)   Sakura Rice Cooker with Ceramic Bowl and Advanced Fuzzy Logic (8 Cup, 1.5 Litre)
PERFECT RICE AT THE TOUCH OF A BUTTON - White/long grain, short grain/sushi and brown rice settings using 7 different cooking phases to automatically achieve the best taste, texture and aroma. ADVANCED FUZZY LOGIC (AI) RICE COOKER TECHNOLOGY - Computer controlled 7-phase rice cooking technology with tailored useful multifunctional options including steam, porridge, casserole, soup, cake baking, crust (Tahdig), slow cook and yoghurt. Including 24-hour timer and keep warm function. HIGH QUALITY 5-LAYER 2mm NINJA CERAMIC COATED INNER BOWL - durable and healthy with easy to read silk print water level lines and easy-lift handles. Including instruction manual, quick start guide, steam basket, rice measuring cup, rice spatula, spatula holder and soup ladle. STEP INTO THE FUTURE OF RICE COOKING - Modern, ice blue, crisp, bright LED display. 10 minute countdown for the rice functions. Korean'Motouch' control panel and 3D multi-phased heating technology in a stylish glossy body with our signature brushed silver lid.

VERSATILE SIZE- 8 cups capacity of uncooked rice (1-8 people,) 120V, 60Hz with detachable US plug. 120V, 60Hz (Factory made for the US), detachable US power cord.

8 cup / 1.5 litre. Capacity of uncooked rice - enough for 1-8 people (0.5 to 8 cups). White/long grain, short grain (for sushi) and brown rice settings.

Setting for faster white rice cooking. Useful multi-cooker features - steam, porridge, slow cook, soup, cake baking, crust (tahdig) and yoghurt settings. 5 layer 2mm Ninja thick ceramic coated.

Inner bowl with easy lift handles. Easy to read water level lines.

For different types of rice. 24 hours auto keep warm. 10 minute rice function countdown timer. State of the art Korean designed. Control panel with cool ice blue crisp and bright.

Inner lid, outer steam cap and condensation collector for easy cleaning. Steam basket, measuring cup, spatula and soup ladle and comprehensive instruction manual (EN and ES language). Ideal Home magazine Approved Product. Top Rice Cooker, (February, 2021).

(featured March, 2021), ETM Magazine Rice Cooker Test Winner (August, 2021). Sakura is a great all rounder - it's ideal for the growing family or people who just love eating rice! Sakura can cook all types of rice perfectly at the touch of a button but also has useful complementary add on multi functions. Technology controls the temperature using phased cook cycles for the efficient and perfect cooking of many different types of rice. You can cook long grain, short grain (including sushi and glutinous rice), brown rice (short or long grain).

Sakura doesn't just cook perfect rice, it cooks other grains like quinoa, cous cous, millet and pearl barley perfectly too. The add on functions include porridge that can be used for rice or oat porridge, slow cook, steam (steam basket included), soup, cake baking, crust (for Persian Tahdig) and yoghurt.

Sakura is designed to be used in the US (120V, 60Hz power) and is supplied with a US detachable power cord. Sakura uses our Yum Asia designed advanced fuzzy logic programming to control the temperature for the efficient cooking of many different types of rice including long grain, short grain (sushi), brown rice and a quick cook option if you want the rice cooked a little faster. Sakura is designed to cook rice using 7 distinct phases to produce perfect rice every time and to carefully retain nutrients, aroma, texture and give a great taste.

This phased cooking and adjustments in temperature are controlled using Sakura's microprocessor and ensure perfectly cooked rice every time. Sakura also has an improved. Timer for rice cook functions to give you advanced warning of when your perfectly cooked rice will be ready for serving. Unique to Yum Asia's rice cookers is a 24 hours automatic keep warm - it keeps rice at an ideal serving temperature until it's ready to be served. During cooking cycles the timer will countdown for the remaining 10 minutes and alerts you when your rice is ready before automatically changing to keep warm mode.

For added convenience, there is a preset time function which can be set up to 24 hours in advance, so you can have delicious rice ready for when you come in from work or nice, steaming hot porridge waiting on a cold winter's morning. Where Function And Style Create Perfection. Sakura has unique Asian styling with a tough, hard-wearing and easy to clean thermoplastic polymer exterior.

It has a state of the art Korean designed'Motouch' control panel with an extra-large, cool ice blue LED display which is super-sharp and bright. Unlike other rice cookers, the control panel doesn't have any push buttons, the'Motouch' is pressure/touch sensitive and detects your finger when you place it on an icon. We have designed every aspect of Sakura with our customers in mind and decided to include a hard-wearing, 5 layer inner bowl with a 2mm thick ceramic coating which is BPA-free and PTFE/PFOA free. Our Ninja bowls also have easy to read silk print water level lines for different types of rice.

Sakura has a heating element on the inside bottom of the unit and a unique 3D heating design. This means that the heat from the heating element is dispersed around the sides of the bowl and heat also comes from the. To apply heat downwards into the inner bowl for more even cooking of rice and other dishes. The stainless steel inner lid, steam cap and condensation collector are all removable for easy cleaning and no mess. The slick thermopolymer exterior is easily wiped down for that new appearance every time and added hygiene.

7 Phased Rice Cooking Using Advanced Fuzzy Logic. To ensure rice is cooked perfectly every time.

The graph above shows how the fuzzy logic microprocessor adjusts the temperature using the weight and detecting the heat inside the bowl along with pre-programmed conditions to cook rice on a typical cooking cycle. Of cooking which includes preheat, absorb water, heating, boiling, steam, cool down and keep warm with steam which are each calculated for time and temperature using the advanced fuzzy logic to create the perfect rice for your meal. Sakura starts to gently heat the rice and water in the inner bowl to between 50-60°C.

This begins the cooking cycle and is key to the release of sugars into the water from the rice grains. The cooking temperature is further increased whilst the advanced fuzzy logic makes small adjustments to obtain a range of between 50-80°C so the rice can optimally start absorbing the water depending on the setting chosen. The temperature is increased again to between 75-85°C to start the actual cooking process. This varies depending on the setting chosen. Sakura then rapidly increases the temperature to 100°C boiling point to evaporate the majority of the water from the inner bowl and to further cook the rice part way.

The steaming part of the cooking cycle enables the rice to continue cooking while reabsorbing the sugars in the remaining water back into the rice whilst simultaneously evaporating the remaining water. This part of the cycle makes the rice taste sweeter, more nutritious, have better aroma/texture and completes the final rice grain cooking. Water balancing then occurs using low temperature range cycling to ensure there is no remaining water left and that the rice has the correct moisture content. The temperature is then held at an optimal 70-74°C to continue to steam the rice and keep the rice safe of bacteria etc. This ensures the rice is perfectly cooked, fluffy and delicious and ready for when you need it. Durable Ceramic Inner Bowl Coating. Benefits Of Our Ceramic Coating Technology. Sakura's ceramic coated'Ninja' durable inner bowl is 2mm thick with a special 5 layer composition to ensure long lasting performance time after time. The ceramic layer ensures that your food is safely cooked for you and your family.

More importantly, that it's incredibly non-stick. 5 Layer Non Stick Composition.

Explore The Sakura Ninja Ceramic Inner Bowl. Ninja Hard For Lasting Performance.

Customers often told us that their usual rice cooker inner bowls would disintegrate or become unstable after several uses. We designed the Ninja ceramic inner bowl to overcome these issues.

Every Ninja ceramic bowl is built to last and has rice cooking measurement levels silk printed on the inside for easy to read and accurate cooking. Silk Print Rice Level Lines / Easier To Read. Safe Cooking With No Flaking. The Rice Cooker That Started The Revolution?

Sakura is the result of years of development. It is the cooker that really propelled Yum Asia to fame. It's not hard to see why when it ticks so many boxes for what our customers want in a rice cooker.

Plus they look so modern, sleek and fashionable for any kitchen. Sakura doesn't just stop at perfect rice cooking (long short/sushi, brown rice), it also works as an excellent slow cooker, porridge and yoghurt maker, steamer and even makes tahdig! If you are a keen rice lover with a good appetite then this could be the cooker for you. Premium Rice Cooking With Carefully Selected Add On Multi Functions. Step Into The Future Of Rice Cooking.

Sakura has a Korean designed. Control panel with an easy to cool ice blue crisp and bright. Are easy to operate and are great for hygiene and cleaning.

This modern technology combined with it's signature glossy black easy clean thermopolymer exterior and brushed silver metallic lid gives Sakura a modern stylish look that your modern kitchen deserves. With your Sakura you will receive a rice measuring cup for convenient rice measurements to cook just the amount of rice you need. You get a rice spatula to help with rice service. A steaming tray to place above the rice you are cooking which is perfect for steaming vegetables and other foods. Sakura Cooks Rice Perfectly and More! Sakura is a great all rounder. Ideal for the growing family or people who just love eating rice. Look at what it can do. White long grain and short grain (for sushi). Can function like a slow cooker. Ideally suited for making yoghurt. Designed By People That Know Rice Cooking. We are the rice cooking experts!

At Yum Asia we love Asian food but found that the biggest problem is that we couldn't replicate the perfect rice we found when we were in restaurants! No matter how hard we tried, rice cooked in a saucepan just wasn't the same. From 2006 onward we coined the phrase.

Perfect rice at the touch of a button'. 3.5 Cups / 1-3 people.

8 cups / 1-8 people. 5.5 cups / 1-5 people.

Conventional with Advanced Fuzzy Logic (AI). Number Of Rice Cooking Functions. Number Of Add on Functions.

120V - 60Hz with detachable US power cord.
Sakura Rice Cooker with Ceramic Bowl and Advanced Fuzzy Logic (8 Cup, 1.5 Litre)   Sakura Rice Cooker with Ceramic Bowl and Advanced Fuzzy Logic (8 Cup, 1.5 Litre)